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  • Leadtimes

    Strathallan has two main warehouse locations carrying a wide range of popular & customer bespoke product lines. Added to this, deliveries are recieved daily; and your orders despatched by reputable UK-wide distribution partners every working day.

    As an overview to our leadtimes:-

    • In-stock - available for immediate despatch
    • Short - expect these products to be with you in 2-3 days
    • Over 1 week - these products may have to sourced from our supply chain
    • 7-10 days - applying to our M.W.S. Inhouse Garment Decoration Service, for an consistent quality & leadtime on your decorated garments
    • MTO - Made To Order


  • New Multi-Norm Overalls

    Multi-norm Overalls



    Added to our comprehenisve range of Garments for Hazardous Working is our new Multi-Norm Overalls.

    Just search under Clothing/Hazardous /Overalls to see the details on these new additions to our range

  • Specific Product Range

    We`ve added a new feature to our website.  Known simply as M.W.S. Your Products, this allows you the control over what your workforce can view & order.

    As experienced providers of Workplace & Safety Equipment, Strathallan knows the dilemmas that are caused when operatives are able to order the wrong product.

    We appreciate the time and input taken to select the correct products for your organisation; and then the trouble that ensues when the incorrect product arrives on site.

    M.W.S. Systems - only from Strathallan to assist your Efficiency

    Would this benefit your organisation?  Why not contact our Sales Team on 01592 657457 or for further assistance.

  • Superior High Visibility Outdoor Clothing

    As an experienced provider of Workwear & Outdoor Clothing, Strathallan`s customers have proved countless times that issuing a quality garment to your workforce not only supports your message of care to the employees, but assists in reducing your ongoing spend.

    Hence the `Silverbuck` range of High Visibilty Anoraks & Bomber Jackets from Strathallan`s extensive wardrobe of outdoor garments.  Just two popular items from a comprehensive range of workwear fully supported by experience and logo application methods.

    Our `Silverbuck`high visbility coats do more than conform to EN471 & EN343...

    Tough external fabric, fleece lined collars & pockets for added comfort, storm cuffs inside the adjustable cuffs to stop wind & water ingress, wide specification of internal & external pockets, smart contrasting grey lining & trim are just some of the features of these outstanding garments

    More than making sure that your workforce is safe by being visible, Strathallan`s Silverbuck Hi-Vis Jackets offer comfort and durability.  Garments that your workforce will readily wear and care for, because they feel & look smarter.

    And because these are `Silverbuck` garments, the burden of frequent re-ordering is reduced.

    Available in Anorak (CHV938S) or Bomber Jacket (CHV958S) options in a full size range,  these `Superior` garments are uniquely & readily available to you from Strathallan.

    Telephone: 01592 657457


  • New Safety Footwear for Tarmac Workers

    Safety Footwear specifically designed for operators working on new tarmac is now available to you from Strathallan.

    Incorporating a high-heat sole compound from PU/Nitrile, our new BK10804 `Beton` S2P Boot and BK20804 `Cement` S2P Shoe also have the advantage of lightweight composite toecaps & midsoles to reduce fatigue and thermal transfer.

    Available in sizes 6-12, please contact Strathallan on 01592 657457 (or

  • The `Silverbuck` Wraparound Anti-Scratch & Anti-Mist Safety Spectacle

    Silverbuck - "Innovative Products for Welfare & Workplace" brings our E9395-155SB Safety Spectacle to support your safety performance.

    The serious effects of even a minor eye injury on work & personal activities cannot be under rated.  By providing a stylish comfortable effective safety spectacle into your workforce reduces the likelihood of injury happening.

    Initially because the workforce will want to be seen in the Silverbuck eyewear, and thereafter because the fit, performance, and protection levels offer excellent visibility and safety.

    [caption id="attachment_373" align="alignleft" />[/caption]

    Main Features & Benefits

    Ultra-modern lightweight sportive design with clear anti-scratch & anti-mist replaceable lens to EN166F, with removable spec-cord

    Starting with the frame, the wrap-around styling appeals to the wearars taste in a pleasing two-tone colour.  Fitted with micro-adjustable side-arms to reach the closest fit, Softflex-Plus arm tips to reduce pressure during wear, and  a soft adjustable nose-pad to complete the fit & comfort.  Additionally supplied with a removable and adjustable cord to ensure the eyewear (when not in use) is readily available.

    Continuing with the lens, our Silverbuck E9395-155SB is provided with a replaceable optically-correct anti-scratch and anti-mist lens with a UV rating of 385, and light transmission of 98%. The wrap-around styling will offer side-impact protection without blocking or distorting visibility.  Every Silverbuck lens can be replaced either with another clear lens (thereby extending the life of the complete product) or with one of our specialist lenses for specific work activities - for example, our Gold Mirror for operaives who frequently are transferring between dark and bright light levels.

    The added browguard protection fitted to the upper edge of the frame improves protection to your eyes from particles and splashes.  And between the frame and lens is a thin slot to provide optimum air circulation to prevent fogging.

    The Silverbuck E9395-155SB - a lot of spectacle for under £10 to maximise safety performance in your organisation.

    For further details, demonstration, to arrange product trials, contact Strathallan on 01592 657457 or


  • Noisebeta E6000 Disposable Earplugs

    New to you from Strathallan is the Noisebeta range of Hearing Protection.

    Offering a concise range of disposable earplugs, banded earplugs and ear defenders, the Noisebeta range from Strathallan provides quality and performance for this critical area of PPE.

    Detailed further in our new catalogue, but the benefits include:-

    SNR Ratings up to 37dB

    A range of dispensing options

    Brightly coloured products for visbility to management

    High comfort factor for wearer acceptability

    For further details contact Strathallan on 01592 657457















  • Electric Arc Safety Helmet with Retractable Visor

    New to you from Strathallan is a purpose designed Safety Helmet specifically for protection against Electric Arc.

    The Ultimate in Electricians Head Protection - take a look at the features below...

    This exciting new product needs to be seen to value all the outstanding features to offer safe working in conditions where electric arc may occur, whilst offering head & face protection in an innovative design.

    EN397 for Head Protection

    EN 50365 (1000V AC & 1500V DC)

    GS-ET-29 (4000A /0.5 seconds)

    VDE Approved

    Electrical Isolation to EN 50365 - 3000V

    Retractable Anti-scratch & Anti-fog Visor to EN 166, 167, 168 & 170

    A wide range of colour options for company or personnel identification

    And to complement these valuable features...

    Double ABS Shell with 6 Point Deformatec Harness and Chinstrap, with an operating temperature down to -30C

    Unique Crumple Zone to disperse any impact throughout the outer shell

    And the integral polycarbonate visor is securely and neatly stored between the double ABS shells when not in use.

    For further information, assistance on your requirements for Electric Arc protection, contact Strathallan on 01592 657457

  • New FLEXA Fall Arrest Kits

    Fall Arrest - these essential products must fit correctly to ensure they will work without fail when required.  But for increased wearer acceptance & work efficency, comfort is a major factor.

    The new Fall Arrest Kits from Strathallan offer the comfortable Flexa Harness (in either 1 Point or 2 Point fixing) with a 2.0m Pro-Stretch Shock Absorbing Lanyard with a Scaffold Hook, and neatly contained in a durable rucksack for storage when not in use.

    Scoring highly on all main factors of cost, comfort, fit for use & availablity, Strathallan`s new Fall Arrest Kits meet the majority of requirements for working at height.

    EAA011/1P - Fall Arrest Harness with Dorsal Fixing Point, Pro-Stretch S/Ab Lanyard & Rucksack @ £114.50 per set, or

    EAA011/2P - Fall Arrest Harness with Chest & Dorsal Fixing Points, Pro-Stretch S/Ab Lanyard & Rucksack @ £134.50 per set

    For further information, or to place your order, contact Strathallan on 01592 643311, or

    Another effective new product from Strathallan - Making Work Safer.

  • New `Pharmatril` Disposable Nitrile Powderfree Glove

    Available to you from stock at Strathallan, our new `Pharmatril` Disposable Nitrile Powderfree Glove offers a robust hand protection unit in a wide size range and high specification, without the price tag of other premium products.

    What makes the Strathallan `Pharmatril` different?

    Have you found that the quality and durability of your disposable nitrile product matches the price paid?

    How many of the gloves taken from the dispenser box actually are utilised as effective hand protection?

    Or how many burst before, during donning, or in the early stages of wearing?

    Product Overview

    Length - 24cm

    Thickness - 0.09mm

    EN374 CAT III protection for effective chemical protection

    High AQL Level of 1.5, offering a higher level of protection & mechanical strength

    Approved for Food Handling

    Good tactual sensation

    EN61340-5-1 ESDS approved

    Wide size range from 6/XS to 11/XXL

    An excellent product to ensure your hand protection and wearer acceptability, whilst reducing wastage from under-performing lower quality alternative products.

    To discuss the new Pharmatril product as part of your hand protection program, contact Strathallan on 01592 643311, or contact us with your requirements at

    Strathallan - Making Work Safer with another effective product.

    Put our new Pharmatril to the test in your workplace - order a trial box today.

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